distant.gallery is a social platform and a sustainable art initiative that links actors from different parts of the (art)world. International and local at the same time, it creates the opportunity to discover artists and shows that one would usually never be able to see because they happen at places that are too far from home. Visitors get the chance to see shows from all over the world, Dehli, Kinshasa, Brooklyn, Mexico, or Amsterdam, without having to transgress borders.

distant.gallery is structured in blocks each consisting of 3 exhibitions with opening each Monday during local office hours. Every exhibition is curated from a ‘host’ city where local artists from that host city exhibit in the same (online and social) conditions and context as artists from the other side of the globe. The hosting is in collaboration with an initiative, institution, or organizational partner in that locality to broaden the network effect for all participating artists. At the start of a new exhibition block, the old block is archived.

distant.gallery runs on common.garden - an artist-run platform that offers a wide spectrum of tools to display artworks from different media, ranging from more traditional ones like the painting to new media like the video but also specifically online-only art. Therefore distant.gallery does not just replace the physical museum or extend it, but creates a unique curatorial concept. A place where both established and international young talents can easily meet equally and gain visibility in a broader cultural context.

If you have questions or are interested in contributing to distant.gallery please write us at hello@distant.gallery